Ancient Corn

If you’ve ever visited ancient ruins, you may have encountered something like this. As remarkable as it is, corn and cornhusks, centuries old, just like these, can still be found today.

Evidence suggest many natives were protein-starved, and corn may have been the staple in the diet of many tribes. When the Spanish came into the area from Mexico, groups like the Apache would steal their horses, when they could. This was not only for use in transportation, but also food.

Although many dwellings were in the valleys where they would cultivate their crops using floodplain farming, you won’t find these at every ruin site. Chances are better in a dry environment with elemental protection such as a cliff dwelling, or overhang. Ive seen plenty of corn, but not many husks. ?

*Thank you once again to my friend Peter Stiles for supplementing my information with his invaluable insight.

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