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Abandoned Los Angeles Zoo
Rife with problems, this historic zoo was doomed to fail.
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The Western Coral Snake
Beautiful. Deadly. Misunderstanding.
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Ancient Cobblestone Dwelling
A dwelling made from cobblestone, rather than slab stone.
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The Mysterious Columns of Crowley Lake
Learn about these natural monuments: their creation, reveal, and where to find them.
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My Favorite Sedona Ruins
An Ancient Plateau Village.
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Ghost Town of Helena
This frontier mining town still stands almost a couple centuries later!
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Hello, adventurers!

My name is Adam Thew—some of you may know me as, Arizona Jones. I am a photographer, filmmaker and adventure seeker, with a love for the outdoors, and a passion for history. My goal is to entertain, educate, and inspire you.

If you’re looking to learn about Arizona history and legend, you’ve come to the right place. From the fossilized remains of dinosaours and sea creatures, to ancient indigenous people, to the legendary cowboys of the wild west, to the miners of recent centuries, there is no shortage of intrigue in Arizona’s fascinating past! But more than that, Arizona is a thing of beauty: Wildlife, Waterfalls, Glorious Canyons, Inspiring Mountains and Wilderness, bring so much color to an already vibrant, Great Forty-Eight!

I hope you enjoy what you see! If you want to support my adventures and the work I do, please visit my store at and pick up something nice for you or someone you know!