This panel has several glyphs. The most interesting are the waterbird, a sun, and some type of zigzag. I’m not sure who created them but several tribes occupied the area at different times.

The image known as the “waterbird” could be a crane, or a great blue heron. Interesting to note, the crane is a clan symbol for both the Zuni and Hopi.

The zigzag has different meanings, depending on who you ask. Popular interpretations include lightning, mountains, or water. This pattern can also be found on pottery.

The sun glyph could be marking a celestial event or acting as a calendar. It could also indicate the presence of the Yavapai, given their assocation with the sun.

Want to check these out for yourself? Visit the Picture Canyon Preserve in Flagstaff. If you go, be sure to smile—you’re on camera! ??

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