Standing On A Corner in Winslow, Arizona

You get a load of that girl in the Flatbed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me?!

Around the time of the hit Eagle’s song, “Take It Easy,” Winslow was still a booming town. The completion of the I-40 bypass devastated the town, with tourism [especially from the local Route 66] being the hardest hit. The I-40 was not soley responsibleโ€”the installation of national chains such as Walmart and McDonald’s could not have helped.

The Standing On The Corner Park, built in 1999, and obviously referencing the single line from the popular Eagle’s song has certainly helped the local economy. The man “standing on the corner” was actually modeled after its designer’s son. Each brick on the nearby wall has the name of a donor, and a story.

You probably noticed the girl in the Ford, but did you see the Eagle in the window? If you have a photo of you standing on the corner, share it below! ?

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