Crinoids, Ancient Marine Fossils

Found in the mountains overlooking a small town not far outside the Salt River Valley, these are the fossilized remains of an ancient sea creature known as a Crinoid. With a flower-like appearance, these are often referred to as sea lilies. In fact, the word crinoid is derived from the Greek word โ€œkrinon,โ€ meaning โ€œa …

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Despite looking a little scary, the desert blonde is one of the chillest arachnids. They’re unlikely to bite you but even if they did, their venom is reportedly no worse than a bee sting (not going to test that). The blonde hair that gives them their name also distinguishes this tarantula as female, while males …

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Red Rock Danger Noodle (Blacktail Rattlesnake), Sedona

Red Rock Danger Noodle (Blacktail Rattlesnake), Sedona.

While pictograph hunting in Sedona with a friend and his kids, we found a number of incredibly beautiful panels. When we split into two different directions, I headed left and over some large rocks when I heard a flutter of movement along the alcove wall! I looked immediately in the direction of the noise and …

Fossilized Coral Found 6000 Feet Above See Level, Arizona!

Would you believe I found these at around 6,000 feet above sea level on one of the mountaintops surrounding the Verde Valley, in Arizona?! This fossilized coral, also known as “agatized coral,” is a natural gemstone produced as ancient coral gradually becomes agate. Remember, coral is a marine animal, and it is their skeletons that …