Red Rock Danger Noodle (Blacktail Rattlesnake), Sedona.

While pictograph hunting in Sedona with a friend and his kids, we found a number of incredibly beautiful panels. When we split into two different directions, I headed left and over some large rocks when I heard a flutter of movement along the alcove wall! I looked immediately in the direction of the noise and to my excitement (I love snakes!), it was a blacktail rattlesnake!

Beautiful Blacktail Rattler [photo available in online store]

Ironically, when I first spotted it, the snake was directly below this snake motif.

We carefully picked it up between a couple of long sticks and observed it, took some photos, and put it back. Rattlesnakes are beautiful creatures and are unfortunately misunderstood, and often needlessly killed. If you see a rattler, remember they are not out to get you and will most often only attack in self-defense.

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