The scariest thing happened to me back in August 2020. And, because I love my mother and I know she will eventually read this, I will now retell it here.

A friend and I were searching for ancient ruins in Northern Arizona. We knew where we were goingโ€”however we had no trail to follow, at least initially. We also knew, in order to get there, we would have to head down into the nearby canyon.

We found an area with a more gradual decline and started to make our way down. As I was climbing down a boulder, a large rock (probably around 200lbs) came loose and smashed into my foot. It didn’t stop there…. The ground was made of loose stones and dirt, so I began tumbling down the slope, as the large rock continued after me, smashing into me a few more times, while pushing me further.

It all happened so quickly. In all, I probably slid about 20ft, until I was thankfully stopped by a small bush as the rock found its way past me, and before I would have fallen over a 10ft drop mere feet away, where I probably would have continued to tumble.

At one point the rock smashed the side of my face (hard to chew today, now) and hit my arm. It took me a minute to really collect myself and make sure I wasn’t seriously damaged. Funnily enough, my next thought was, “I don’t want to miss out on the ruins.”

We ended up making it there. Other than some scars, a headache, and pain in my foot, I’m just fine, and thankful.

It can be dangerous out there. Watch your step!

Oh, and I broke one of my lenses. Could have been worse.

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  1. Whoa! Sounds like that one was too close for comfort. Glad it wasnโ€™t worse. Your story brought to mind the Aaron Ralston story. Be careful out there.

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