It is widely thought to beโ€ฆ(drumroll please) a bear! The nearby (what appear to be) bear paw glyphs add weight to this interpretation. Bear paw glyphs could also indicate a bear or bears in the area, or a rival tribe known by the bear motif.

It’s hard to discern what’s happening in this panel. Michael Chappel suggests it may have killed members of the tribe.

The Sinaqua moved into the Verde Valley sometime around A.D. 1125. Their rock art, including both petroglyphs and pictographs, can be found throughout this wash. ?

I also found a beautiful metate not far from here. Link below. #athew

Metate Post

Thank you once again to Michael Chappel for supplementing the available information.

In other news:

? 2021 Calendars

For anyone interested in the 2021 calendar designs, you can find them here.

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