Mysterious Wupatki Spirit Totems

These mysterious “spirits” lie at the border of the Navajo lands, not far from the ancient dwellings of the Wupatki.

No one knows the true origins of these mysterious totems, or their purpose, but there are stories…

One story of the area says a man froze to death. Another one says a man was murderedโ€”stabbed until he died. Yet another tells of a man having taken his own life in a fit of rage…

The earliest of these stories takes place in 1892โ€”it tells of a Navajo man, woman, and childโ€”happening upon a group of raiders. The boy killed a number of them, forcing them to flee, and abandon their dead.

Still, none of these stories help to explain the totem. However, the common theme is death. Even the land on which they stand is called DEADman Flat.

The tallest of the 3 has a box cut into its throat where people leave little trinkets behind.

These pale and souless faces stand pronounced in the darkness, catching the beams of your flashlight, or the soft glow of a moonlit night.

Happy Halloween! ???

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