At one point in Arizona’s history, these trees would have stood up to 200 feet tall!

When they died, these trees would often be collected by rivers and moved great distances, eventually being jammed and buried. Ash from nearby volcanoes would, over time, find its way into the logs from the same rivers and dissolve, ending up in the buried wood. This would cause any open space in the log to crystallize and appear as stone.

Look how scared this log is. One might even say it looks “petrified!” I’ll be here all week!

The varied and spectacular coloration found in each log is caused by different minerals. Some even have visible tree rings!

Interesting to note, no tree found in the park exist anymore! These fossils provide a unique look into history. Petrified wood can be found across the United States and other countries, you might even find some in your own backyard!

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