If you follow me on Social Media, these hand pictographs might look familiar to you. Not too long ago I shared a similar photo of a number of red hand graphs, but in Sedona (seen below).

From Facebook: “Need a hand? I found 6 on this wall, and another on the adjacent wall. ?๏ธ

More than coincidence, these 2 sites are likely connected by the same tribeโ€”the Sinagua. Different tribes often used different colorsโ€”red, black, and white, in their paintingsโ€”and red was prominent among the Sinagua tribe.

Hand glyphs can mean different things such as marking the edge of the rock art. They can also be tribal, marking their territory. Only shamans and high-class warriors were permitted to create these marks. They might also be associated with water, as both are mere yards from a spring. ?๏ธ

*Special thanks to Michael Chappell for providing his interpretations. Michael has worked with world-renowned archaeologists, and has been involved in many native field studies throughout Arizona.

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