This is one of many Southern Sinagua single-family dwellings in Sedona. The Sinagua are believed to have moved into the Red Rock Canyons of Sedona sometime around A.D. 1125. Getting to this site requires some nerve as you climb a couple short but slippery slopes.

I don’t feel like these photos do this sketchy slope justice. These footholds (moki/moqui steps) were etched into the rock to make the climb to these dwellings a bit easier. The last few are so shallow, they do not show up in these photos.

Even the rocks were freaking out! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

These dwellings can be spotted from the nearby Ladder Ruins. The soot covering the tops of these caves are a reminder of the fires that would have been visible to these neighbors.

*Special thanks to the Verde Valley Archeology Center for providing additional insight.

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